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Cloud Migration
Without a strategy, Moving to the cloud is a challenging endeavor

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The next step after a Cloud environment has been designed and built is to move in. Migrating to a Cloud platform can be a risky and disruptive task without a strategy. Aggressive timelines, budget pressures, limited manpower, lack of expertise, impact to current systems, and limited project planning are common challenges during migration. With a custom-designed migration plan from HOSTING, you can get to the Cloud with confidence.

Our managed Cloud hosting solutions are production-ready with enterprise-class technologies, giving you access to virtually unlimited memory, processing, and storage resources. HOSTING facilitates your Cloud migration with an efficient process that limits risk to data and dramatically reduces impact on the production environment. Whether a plan includes migrating one host machine or multiple servers, we execute the move to our Cloud platforms quickly and securely.

Our team of professionals uses the experience from the migration of thousands of machines to ensure that systems remain online and data stays secure. And our fixed price makes it easy to budget. The process requires limited involvement from your internal IT team, allowing you to focus on other business priorities.

HOSTING’s Comprehensive professional Services Portfolio

Cloud enablement

  • Capacity Assessment
  • Cloud Migration

Disaster Recovery Services

  • Planning


  • Data Assessment
  • Database Assessment
  • Security Assessment

Our Process


Our process starts by synchronizing the source machine to the HOSTING target environment. During this process, the data is transmitted securely to HOSTING without any changes to the source environment. For additional peace of mind, rollback is available at any time.


Throughout the process, we attentively monitor the environment to ensure the migration stays within the specified parameters. This helps to minimize downtime and impact to the businesscritical production environment.


Once the source environment is 100% synched to the HOSTING target environment, we provide full and dedicated access for final testing. Upon customer satisfaction with the migration, we coordinate a migration cutover schedule.


Using automated scripts to eliminate human error, data is typically “live” in less than 60 minutes.

Move to the Cloud with Confidence

Reduce Risk

  • Encrypted data transfer ensures data security
  • Source environment synched with changes until final cutover
  • Option to rollback at any time

Limit Impact

  • Network throttle limits bandwidth used
  • Redundancies minimize production impact

Contain Costs

  • Fixed price for easy budgeting
  • Limited internal impact
  • Eliminates long-term maintenance and replacement costs

The HOSTING Difference

HOSTING is a leading provider of managed Cloud hosting and recovery services for mission-critical applications. With a unique lifecycle approach and the industry’s best team, HOSTING helps organizations design, build, migrate, manage, and protect their Cloud-based environment.

Customized Cloud Migration Solutions

Your IT director just told you that he’s done “a couple” cloud migrations. We’ve done 300 this month alone.

Architecting for the cloud takes time, expertise and planning. Cloud migrations can be an even bigger challenge – which is why organizations trust HOSTING’s Advanced Solutions team. Our cloud migration services include the planning, implementation and movement testing of business-critical data and applications into the new cloud-based architecture – freeing up internal IT resources to focus on other initiatives.

Because each organization has a unique set of requirements, we never formulate a solution from a cookie-cutter template. Our customized application migration services include project management, risk management and progressive schedules to ensure expectations are met and success is achieved – the first time.

HOSTING’s proprietary Cloud Migration Framework is customized to each organization’s individual IT landscape and includes:

  • Synchronization — We secure the transmittal of data to HOSTING without any changes to the source environment. Although HOSTING cloud experts have done thousands of migrations without a single rollback, we ensure that rollback remains available throughout the process.
  • Monitoring — We continuously monitor the implementation to ensure that there is no impact to production environments.
  • Testing — Once an organization’s environment is 100% synched to the target environment, we provision full and dedicated access for final testing and analysis. Upon achievement of customer satisfaction, we coordinate the final cloud migration cutover schedule.
  • Cutover — Our cloud migration tools are second to none and include automated scripts to eliminate human error, data is typically “live” in less than 60 minutes.

Features & Benefits:


  • All services performed by HOSTING cloud migration experts using our proprietary Cloud Migration Framework
  • Service provider agnostic – experts in cloud migration from the customer’s premises or from another CSP
  • Structured, scenario-based process, including database migration and virtual machine migration
  • Collaborative mindset and approach


  • Done right the first time
  • No failbacks
  • Limited involvement from your in-house IT team, allowing them to focus on business-critical initiatives
  • 24 x 7 x 365 expert support


Download the Cloud Migration Datasheet (PDF).


HOSTING Products
Professional Services
Professional Services
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