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Detect Disruptions. Boost Performance.

Ensuring peak performance of your businesscritical applications and systems is vital to continuity. Disruptions can have a direct, negative and lasting impact on revenue. Beyond day-to-day system visibility, insight into performance history is essential for making informed, strategic decisions to optimize system and enable future growth.

Hosting Availability And Capacity Monitoring™

HOSTING Availability and Capacity Monitoring solutions give companies – and HOSTING support staff – real-time visibility into the status both of their devices and the amount of resources necessary to continue optimal operation.

Organizations also can access historical resource utilization for their managed dedicated and virtual devices to analyze network traffic, trends and thresholds.

The early detection and resolution that monitoring provides, enables customers to drive towards 100% network uptime. In addition, the usage of monitoring data to proactively plan, scale and allocate resources has been proven to increase IT staff efficiency by up to 80%.

Hosting Application Performance Monitoring™

HOSTING Application Performance Monitoring provides a ‘single pane of glass’ view into the current and historical data necessary to analyze performance for core software components of the .NET and LAMP application stacks. This comprehensive and unified view across the infrastructure serves businesses by:

  • Helping reduce revenue risk
  • Improving business continuity
  • Enhancing the customer experience
  • Enabling employees to realize higher productivity
  • Enabling management to refine work roles

Although all monitoring can be considered of benefit, HOSTING Application Performance Monitoring takes it to the next level by creating connections between data points via one ‘big picture’ dashboard. This allows users to understand the application dependencies critical to troubleshooting performance issues.

Hosting Synthetic Monitoring™

HOSTING Synthetic Monitoring simulates typical user paths, monitors these paths for performance issues or errors and automatically alerts customers to any issues before the enduser experience is disrupted. To ensure at-themoment visibility, alerts can be sent via e-mail or SMS devices.

The HOSTING Synthetic Monitoring solution monitors and validates up to ten steps in the transaction process, giving customers solid insight into all aspects of website availability, performance and trends over time.

Hosting Service Excellence

All of the HOSTING monitoring solutions are backed by the HOSTING 24 x 7 x 365 support model. We offer white-glove support to every customer in our install base, meaning that you can contact us via telephone, e-mail or online chat and there will always be a seasoned Tier 2 or Tier 3 specialist at the other end of the line.

Customers are also provided with one-click access to monitoring and management tools through the HOSTING Customer Portal™. The Portal accommodates customers with unique control, including the ability to provision, monitor and manage VMs, domains, firewalls and other cloud assets.

We Understand Your Challenges

  • Fear of downtime
  • Lack of visibility into the health of your business-critical applications and systems
  • Lack of data to make informed decisions
  • additional information
  • Lack of resources

Why Hosting

  • Immediate visibility into issues
  • The best support team in the business
  • Automated notifications
  • ‘Single pane of glass’ dashboard
  • Affordable solutions

About Hosting

HOSTING delivers secure, compliant, highly available cloud solutions that empower companies to increase their revenues, reduce their expenses and manage their risk. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, HOSTING owns and operates six geographically-dispersed data centers under an ITIL-based control environment validated for compliance against HIPAA, PCI DSS and SOC frameworks. Its superior infrastructure, expert cloud architects and industry-leading customer satisfaction scores have been consistently recognized by Gartner in the Managed Hosting Magic Quadrant.

Cloud monitoring can enable businesses to catch performance issues before they become problems.

Simply put: cloud monitoring is critical to organizational success. HOSTING Availability and Capacity MonitoringTM solutions deliver a comprehensive, unified view of systems to monitor resource availability and capacity usage, reducing downtime risk and helping to ensure a consistently positive customer experience.

HOSTING Application Performance MonitoringTM and HOSTING Remote Synthetic Transaction MonitoringTM go deeper to give visibility into predicted application and website performance.

Beyond providing key real-time visibility, HOSTING’s server monitoring and cloud monitoring services can enable useful insights into performance history that empower informed, data-driven IT decision making.

Availability Monitoring

Availability monitoring provides automated, real-time visibility into TCP port status. After setup, it automatically polls at regular intervals to verify that the server is responding correctly. If the server does not respond correctly, HOSTING’s support experts are notified immediately to address the issue promptly.

Capacity Monitoring

The Capacity Monitoring Solution delivers at-a-glance visibility in a powerful dashboard. Easily accessed through the HOSTING Customer PortalTM, it displays CPU, firewall sessions, disk and memory utilization metrics, graphs, and operating system data.

Application Performance Monitoring

Application Performance Monitoring provides you with deep visibility into the infrastructure stack, allowing control of thresholds for metrics such as memory usage, disk space, and bandwidth so performance issues are intercepted as they occur. Companies can then use historical data and extensive libraries of metrics to make data-driven decisions about application infrastructure.

Remote Synthetic Transaction Monitoring

Businesses can’t just wait until something breaks. Available for use independently, or in combination with other monitoring solutions, Remote Synthetic Transaction Monitoring simulates the paths of a typical user on a website and monitors those paths for performance issues or errors. In the event an application becomes unavailable or performance deteriorates, customers and HOSTING support staff receive immediate notification, allowing for a timely resolution.

All of HOSTING server performance monitoring and cloud monitoring solutions are delivered through our Customer Portal, providing you with an at-a-glance view of current website availability, performance metrics, trending data and historical data. With HOSTING, you can keep a pulse on your applications, optimize your online presence and improve plans for future growth.

Features & Benefits:


  • Comprehensive, unified view of systems to monitor network connectivity and resource usage
  • Real-time visibility into TCP port status
  • Single-pane view of CPU, firewall sessions, disk and memory utilization metrics and operating system data
  • Customized thresholds for security alerts


  • Access to historical data and extensive libraries of metrics for informed, data-driven decisions
  • Multi-layer server performance monitoring to increase system confidence and reduce manual monitoring workloads
  • 24 x 7 x 365 expert support


Download the Cloud Monitoring Datasheet (PDF).


HOSTING Products
Managed Hosting Services
Managed Hosting Services
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